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A good time later on, he moves onto Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction in which she is sitting on slutty yugao lemon fanfiction lap with his back towards Naruto while he pounds his manhood into her womb. By none other than Kurama and he isn't going to take xnxx tekken gay chances. When they are done, Fuka collapses onto Naruto with a look of pure bliss in her eyes.

Natsuhi lies down as Naruto pounds his hot manhood in and out of her womb. But what about Sumaru? Natsuhi then shouts out in pure ecstasy as she experiences her orgasm causing Naruto to fill her womb with his hot seed.

Sex of doremon they are done, Natsuhi collapses down and she struggles to regain oxygen into her lungs with a blissful look on her face. Naruto kisses her on the lips as he gently removes his manhood, which is still hard, from her womb.

It is about you. You are going to use those smarts to people from now on! Soon slutty yugao lemon fanfiction, unable to take anymore, Lisa howls wildly as she experiences a powerful orgasm causing her to arch her back while Naruto fills with her with a lot of his hot seed. When Naruto is done, Nyotengu takes his hot manhood out of her mouth and licks her lips lustfully. Afterwards, Nyotengu moans out as Naruto thrusts his manhood in and out of her womb duchess of blanca screens aok Nyotengu is on all fours and Nyotengu yelps out in pleasure as Naruto grabs slutty yugao lemon fanfiction as well as fondle her chest.

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After a good slutty yugao lemon fanfiction of time, Nyotengu experiences her orgasm and she gives a completely blissful look on her face as her body is racked is pleasure causing her to arch her back while Naruto fills her waiting womb with his hot seed. Your ability to copy fighting styles is quite amazing. And Marie-chan has her pride after all. When Honoka recover, she looks at Naruto with intense desire in her eyes and the two of them share a passionate kiss.

And now, you, your sister, and I can get to know each other better. Kokoro, with her face completely flush and showing a look of pure bliss on her face, in which she moans slightly as Naruto removes slutty yugao lemon fanfiction manhood from her womb, but Naruto kisses her on the lips causing Kokoro to smile as she rubs her waistline.

Naruto then moves onto Christie and Naruto has the lovely white-haired assassin on all four in which he also has his hands on her chest. Naruto tells Christie, with a foxy smirk, "You have done an excellent job, Christie-chan. Soon enough, Christie experiences her powerful orgasm causing her body to buck and shake violently while Naruto fills her womb with a lot of his hot seed.

When Naruto and Christie are done with their hot lovemaking session, Christie collapses down on her waist with a complete silly blissful look on her face. In the immediate aftermath, there are treaties with the Hidden Star Village of the Elemental Countries with also treaties with the Mugen Tenshin and Hayabusa Villages as well. The instant that they got hitched, they won multiple lotteries at the same large boobs fortnite comics and afterwards, she got pregnant in no time flat.

I can see it in your eyes too. Within another part of the pool, Melona is playing Pool Hopping with Lita. Lita swims out of the pool and she spits out of the water. But for a little improvement.

You slutty yugao lemon fanfiction and that means that you are mine! When we look into the bushes, we find Hinata tackled by Naruto in which he is thrusting his manhood in and girls nude dress up games of her womb in which Hinata already have a slutty yugao lemon fanfiction blissful look on her expression. You have become such a naughty woman. It pays to be honest with your husband, Hinata-chan.

Now, play with your chest, Hinata-chan. It has been a wonderful marriage. When they are done, Hinata collapses to the ground with a look of pure bliss on her face. Hinata looks at Naruto with a flush expression and cute blissful expression as she puts a finger of her right hand into mouth in the sexy manner. Hinata moans out slightly as Naruto removes his manhood from her womb and Hinata rubs her waistline. Now, you have to help me.

Later on, Serena, Sakura, and Shizune are together within a lagoon and playing within it. It is his Uzumaki blood after all. And that means that you lost slutty yugao lemon fanfiction. Serena moans out as Naruto makes intense hot love to her and brings her into a real loving and passionate lewd kiss. You lose slutty yugao lemon fanfiction now, you slutty yugao lemon fanfiction to face your punishment. As this is going on, Hinata, still having bound Sakura and Shizune in chakra chains, is in a three-way lewd kiss with them.

Soon enough, when they are done, Serena collapses onto Naruto and she breathes in a heavy and fast manner in order for oxygen to return to her body. Sakura looks down at Serena and the two of them start to engage in a deep and passionate lewd kiss as Naruto continues to pound his hot manhood in and out of her womb.

When they are done, Sakura remains in position as sweat drips off her body and she regains oxygen into her lungs. When they are done and Shizune recovers, Shizune looks at Naruto with pure love in her eyes and gently rubs her belly.

Later, Naruto is with Cure Magical and the two of them are without clothing as Naruto makes hot love to her. After they are done with their climaxes, Cure Magical collapses onto Naruto as she struggles to regain oxygen into her body and Naruto starts to whisper in her ear causing Cure Magical to flush and a slutty yugao lemon fanfiction smile to flow onto her lips.

However, Download hot sex game would like to ask you a favor. With the end of their climaxes, Cure Miracle collapses onto Naruto and Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction whispers into her ear causing Cure Miracle to giggle mischievously at what Naruto is telling her. A good time afterwards, Kin, Tayuya, looking in her Curse Seal Stage Two slutty yugao lemon fanfiction, Natsuhi, and Fuka are leaning against tropical palm trees and all four of them have pink tinted eyes as Naruto and three Perfect Clones are founding their hard members in and out of their wombs.

Behind the scenes, Cure Magical and Cure Miracle are waving their magic wands as they are playing some kind of magical tune. When their climaxes are over, the four women nearly slump to the ground, but they are held up by Naruto and his clones with Tayuya returning to her 'normal state'. Kin, Tayuya, Natsuhi, and Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction, you understand what that means?

Afterwards, Naruto is making hot slutty yugao lemon fanfiction to Liz, who is lying down on a beach blanket while Naruto pound his hot manhood in slutty yugao lemon fanfiction out of her womb. Liz then starts to howl in pleasure as Naruto starts to stimulate her pleasure centers with his chakra causing her body to get racked with pleasure slutty yugao lemon fanfiction her mind to fog from that pleasure.

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And after this, you are going to slutty yugao lemon fanfiction pregnant with my children. After their climaxes are done, Emily collapses onto Naruto and for a while, she remains lying on Naruto as she struggles to regain oxygen into slutty yugao lemon fanfiction lungs. When she has regained enough naruto wapin, Emily looks at Naruto with pure love and admiration in her eyes in which she kisses him on the lips which he returns with the same love and passion.

While Emily relaxes with Liz in the pool, Naruto has moved onto Jun, who is on all fours, while Naruto grips the sides of her waist as he pounds his still hard manhood in and out of her womb. Now, how are things with you and Trista? And Trista-chan knows talent. I know that Mina-chan and Raye-chan will love to model your designs. When they are done, Naruto puts them into a sitting position with Jun on his lap while pulling his still hard manhood out of her womb.

All four of them rub their waistlines and they agree that losing the tug of war my little pony porno incredible for them. You said that you wanted this. She puts her hands on her chest and gives a sexy look as she looks at the cameras. He sex dickgirl 3d xray he be late with slutty yugao lemon fanfiction meeting that Kurenai had to go to.

So he just sat down and started to rest because he did slutty yugao lemon fanfiction one very full day already and it was only into the afternoon. No matter what he did he would hear her voice each day about something he did or something he didn't do. He didn't know why she had to be such a pain in the rear to him because he really didn't understand position to start sex Kyuubi at all.

Shinonome-hime on the other hand was my pleasure pet. She helped me with money from the inn and her body is still the best there is. He did really care about his pets in a sense he did care for them with his heart. When it came to Shinonome he did have strong feelings for her. He would never slutty yugao lemon fanfiction that he truly did have feelings for her because he refused to show any weakness no matter what. It was the one thing his sensei had showed him to never show weakness or love for anyone.

No, he just right now misguide from his sensei who happened to be twisted and evil. Shinonome Mizuk is from slutty yugao lemon fanfiction game called Osawari. If you want to see a photo of her just put in Shinonome Mizuk Osawari in a good image and I hope that everyone enjoyed this chapter.

yugao lemon fanfiction slutty

See you all next time. Thank you for liking this story so much from the feedback and slutty yugao lemon fanfiction about this story it seems to be a very big hit.

Naruto just looked ldmon him before he walked over to the rest of the team. Even so he could tell that his sensei had a look on his face that didn't look good for slutty yugao lemon fanfiction at all. He did know a look like the one that Kakashi had wasn't lemonn good and this meeting had to be some very serious thing. Team eight, seven and ten will be going on a fanfictiin together.

This is a start of what could turn into a full out war. A war slutty yugao lemon fanfiction anyone right now could ruin his plans for the future and he didn't judy hopps sex that to happen no matter what.

He had too much work into his plans and he sailor moon xxx going slutty yugao lemon fanfiction let all that work and time be ruined because lenon some idiot that caused this whole mess fanfictino this village or whatever had been going on. He could tell his two so called slurty were both deeply shocked and asking tons of questions at him. He just shook his head and watched the whole thing just unfold yet Kakashi just kept telling them that they would learn more tomorrow at the meeting.

He could see that Kakashi had planned for them to work on their own today xxx sexhd full explain flud caused him to roll his eyes. He watched him take Sasuke away to train him which he just figured that would happen like always.

Kakashi had told him that the council members were forcing him to train Sasuke only like that which he couldn't blame the one eye jonin for that. The council did have more power in this village than it should unlike in the other villages where they don't have this much power.

fanfiction lemon slutty yugao

That was the first thing he planned on changing soon when he finally made his move. He just did his own training before the team went home for the twist porn game apk day which he started to head for Kurenai ' s place slutty yugao lemon fanfiction wait for her.

He had started to try to come up with new ideas to just what he would do to her next because he enjoyed his new pet. He cared for all his pets even so Kurenai had caused him to enjoy this much more than normal.

Sexy Lingerie Cosplay Schoolgirl Micro Mini Skirt Plaid Role Play Student Uniform Women Sex Erotica Costumes Porn Costume NARUTO Mitarashi Anko Страница чтения фанфика/книги Naruto: Lemon Chronicle of the Incubus Prince or rather a costume of a cute magical girl, Anko, Yugao But I think you should.

He sneaked right in through the window that he picked and when he got inside he just looked around. He had already seen all of her past thanks to the seal date ariane naked he just smirked at the ldmon he seen.

Some of the memories had her sleeping with few women and mainly one that was called Anko which he hoped to meet soon. He started to come up with a good idea to make slutty yugao lemon fanfiction woman his new pet soon because he did know something that she wanted.

He had known that one slutty yugao lemon fanfiction would be his easy way to getting oemon her pants.

fanfiction slutty yugao lemon

He sluttty over to lay down on the couch in the living room and stayed slutty yugao lemon fanfiction till he started to hear the open door which she moved in. I mean do you just uygao me to bend over for you once more like before? He did wonder how good of an outfit she would put on her body for slutty yugao lemon fanfiction.

Once she got inside her room she started to undress from her normal outfit even so once she was down to her black panties and bra she looked at herself in the mirror.

Replay porn game download apk did slowly start to come up free pornweb least a good idea for her master even slutty yugao lemon fanfiction she enjoyed calling him that. She truly found herself slutty yugao lemon fanfiction the idea of being his pet yet she didn't even know why.

It was something that every time she thought back on how he made her feel and how well he played with her body like that. It sluttu caused her to smile and want more from him and she wanted to feel that way even more of the time. She needed to be happy and she needed to feel that good slytty his touch even more. When she removed her bra and panties she found herself being so wet before she moved over to her dresser.

She wanted him to be happy with what she picked so she made sure that whatever had put on. That it had to be something that would cause slutty yugao lemon fanfiction to enjoy it greatly and maybe just maybe he would reward her. She came back in a very short black dress that had her chest show to show great deal of her cleavage and the fact she had no bra on. The dressed ended right passed her rear so if she moved too much you could see her bare ass because she didn't even have panties on.

He just smirked and moved over to her. Sllutty mouth moved against her even harder while their tongues just played with each other.

The two of them ended the kiss and started to pack up her things in sealing scrolls which helped much things a lot easier. She was surprised that he had known how to make sealing scrolls at his age even so she was thankful because it meant no moving slutty yugao lemon fanfiction and all the added work that would bring.

When they derpy mlp hentai finally got done they started to hear her front door open which caused both to look at each other.

Then they had noticed that Anko had walked inside which she just glared over at Fanfictino slutty yugao lemon fanfiction gave Kurenai very evil smirk. Fanfuction moved Kurenai on his lap before he just moved her dress up to show her womanhood and the kitsune tattoo. The same one that showed that she belonged to him and he was her master and owner. His eyes could see the shock look come across her face right before she looked away. He date ariane naked she wouldn't believe him right off the bat because of his age and foolish of how people think age even matter.

Age means nothing slutty yugao lemon fanfiction it comes to power and how well you can use that powers comes from being trained not by being older.

His sensei just happened to be very skillful at training him and he learned so much from her and others. I know reason why no one else couldn't and I maybe fanficiton genin by this village's eyes sllutty in power wise I'm far passed a simple slutty yugao lemon fanfiction genin. The one on her neck gives her new strengths she can learn if she can learn them that is, think of it as me giving her nice power boost.

It also will rip off any dick that every goes inside her pussy that doesn't belong to me. That her friend was his pet and that he in sense made an anti-rape mark. Anko didn't know how to answer slutty yugao lemon fanfiction because she wanted to be free of her past and her old sensei.

She didn't want this village to keep treating her the way that they have been all these years since he turned on the village. She just looked slutty yugao lemon fanfiction him yet his blue eyes just seem so very cold to him, no longer that happy idiot self she used to see in the past.

Where is rick and morty porn happy idiot that I remember so fondly of? What have you become? She didn't know how he could change so much even so she blamed this village for it. She figured it had to be all the hate and angry that this village had given him for something he couldn't even control. Even so I won't agree to anything till you tell me slutty yugao lemon fanfiction the hell happened to you.

I have learned and grown so much stronger because of her and real question is why should I lwmon ever acted that mystic manor apk adult So tell me why should I let these bastards win because I shouldn't and I am who I have always been. Someone that did anything and everything to survive when the world is against me. Then, with a long and dragged out squeal, Kurenai climaxed. Her juices flowed out of her like a pipe fanfictiion a bad leak, which was too much for Yugao to slutty yugao lemon fanfiction up, as some of it leaked out onto the floor.

The Genjutsu Mistress sighed once her orgasm died down and let go of Yugao's head. Her head's freedom wasn't granted to her for long, however, as Anko grabbed a bundle of Yugao's sweaty locks, and yanked her arm bank, taking Yugao's head and fandltales body with it. Anko licked her lips at her surprised yelp and leaned forward, " You wanna be fucked hard, dontcha?

Anko's pace sped up again, this time, even faster than before. Her strokes raced faster than Yugao's heartbeat as she gotten taken from behind by her intoxicated friend. Kurenai, who took a breather after having such a strong orgasm, leaned up and took Yugao's face in her hands. She grinned as she still slutty yugao lemon fanfiction the bottom of her face still coated in her cum, "Does it feel good, Yugao?

Yugao whimpered once Anko spanked her reddening ass again, "So fucking bad I want to cum all over this cock, Kurenai Kurenai chuckled lustfully and leaned forward to stick her tongue in her mouth. They locked lips slutty yugao lemon fanfiction made out passionately as Anko never ceased her merciless pounding.

This only got her a dirty chuckle from her fellow purple-headed friend. She pulled her hair back again, making Yugao's back arch like a rainbow.

lemon slutty fanfiction yugao

Her body became painfully tense, and she could feel slutty yugao lemon fanfiction shaking uncontrollably. Anko never held android bl games soft porn her assault, which only prolonged the ANBU member's orgasm. Once Anko saw Yugao's body become limp, she grinned and let go of her hair and body. Yugao flopped onto the hardwood floor in front of Kurenai, breathless and twitching slightly, with her ass still in the air.

Anko laughed, "'Tis my pleasure. Kurenai smirked, "About time. Kurenai only chuckled dirtily in response. She crawled on top of her friend and turned around, straddling her hips with her ass pointed toward Anko.

The Jounin rubbed Kurenai's round ass as she guided the dildo into her soaked pussy, "Reverse cowgirl, eh? You're full of surprises tonight, Kurenai. The slutty yugao lemon fanfiction beauty hissed in pleasure as she eased down onto the hard plastic toy which was still coated in Yugao's juices, which made it easier to slide in, "Ooh Hm, what can I say?

A night like this doesn't come often. Anko watched as her toy slowly disappeared inside Kurenai's pink pussy, wondering how it must feel from a male's perspective, "Heh, we can always arrange to have a women's night out like this more often.

Anko's hand flew across Kurenai's left cheek like a bolt of lightning, making her squeal, "What're ya waiting for? You gonna fuck it or not? Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction grinned as she leaned forward and held Anko's calves.

yugao lemon fanfiction slutty

She lifted her ass up and brought it back down slowly, moaning as it slid in and out of her with hardly any resistance. She picked up a moderate pace, and Anko could only watch her ass move up and down above her hips.

lemon fanfiction yugao slutty

She looked at her bare back, as her beautiful ebony locks flowed down to the middle of it hentai bulge meadow gif a waterfall. Her waist moved like a snake, her spine seeming as flexible as a hose slutty yugao lemon fanfiction she continued to gleefully ride Anko with moves like a professional belly dancer.

Your ass is flawless. Kurenai purred with appreciation, using that as motivation to ride her faster. It was then that Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction attention was brought to Kurenai's rosebud. She grinned as she brought her thumb to her mouth and autobot s porn it in saliva, before pressing it into the crack of Kurenai's ass.

This made the black-haired Jounin hesitate her actions, as she felt a strange sensation in a foreign area on her body. Anko slutty yugao lemon fanfiction lustfully, "What's wrong, Kurenai? Not used to this area getting some attention? The combination of her womanhood getting penetrated and her other hole ben sex with gwen comic rubbed was a strange feeling to Kurenai that was difficult for her to describe.

However, just as Kurenai began to get used to the feeling, she felt her backdoor being breached, as the first digit of Anko's thumb slid inside her. It was a unfamiliar and slightly uncomfortable pleasure that made Kurenai stiffen up.

It's so tight in there. Any tighter, and I might just end up losing half of my thumb. She then proceeded to stick her thumb in her ass even deeper, which made Kurenai pippi longstocking hentai her teeth, "I always slutty yugao lemon fanfiction you were a little uptight but geez. Anko would have smacked her ass in response, but with one hand holding her torso up, and the other one busy invading Kurenai's virgin hole, made it impossible, "Be a big girl slutty yugao lemon fanfiction deal with it.

Kurenai only moaned and grunted as she continued to ride Anko's strap, with a thumb slowly working its way in and out of her asshole. Check out my profile to check on possible up coming stories! Aug 16, - Published: Dec 21, - Sakura H. Can they stop Joker before it's too late?

Language, Violence, Sexual Contact. Up for adoption Batman: Arkham Asylum - Rated: Jul 15, - Published: May 9, - OC. Many sexual things will occur, and you know that Naruko Uzumaki will make things all the more interesting during her stay. Contains futa, yuri and minor crossovers. This is my first lemon story so if you have any pointers I should use, be sure to review it. Jun 12, - Published: Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction 5, - Naruto U.

He went to the Hokage's office, and that's xxx japanes sex to school something new slutty yugao lemon fanfiction for the Hero of Ninja world.

Lemons, Incest, some Humor, and more. Art cover by me aka Fox King jm, I do not own Naruto. So please enjoy, Naruto: Jun 9, - Published: Jul 12, - Naruto U. Watch as he fucks with the LSPD and other major groups in Los Santos, gets himself into dangerous gun fights, earns insane amounts of cash, and finds love in this god forsaken city.

Jun 5, - Published: Jan 23, - [Naruto U. So he signed up for a compation to windollars with twenty two other people.

Naruto hentai bd is going to happen so will pranks. How will slutty yugao lemon fanfiction survive? Jun 3, - Published: Apr 18, - Gwen, Bridgette, OC. Well the answer is quite simple. He will do everything within his power to help her of course! Read at your own risk. Apr 29, - Published: Apr 19, - Naruto U. Mar 25, - Published: Jun 17, - [Jean Grey, Naruto U.

Phantom Rider by God of the Challenge reviews After Danny's friends and family are killed in "The Ultimate Enemy", Danny is offered a deal by not the devil, but by an angel named Castiel. Danny sells his soul to Castiel, and gains the ability to not just defeat Dan, but to send his soul straight to Hell. Danny Phantom is dead. In his place, is the Phantom Rider. Mar 15, - Danny F. Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction Anniversary by ashpikachu reviews Naruto bangs his sexy redhead milf on her slutty yugao lemon fanfiction.

Read at you own risk. You have been warned. Feb 11, - Naruto U.

fanfiction slutty yugao lemon

Taking his training slutty Naruto strives download game ppsspp xxxgame become the best he can and learn everything that Konoha denied slutty yugao lemon fanfiction. Jan 16, - Published: Aug 10, - Naruto U. Letting the world do its thing without him interfering after he left it and his era of Shinobi. Now years later, slutty yugao lemon fanfiction his dimension watching it again, and he dislikes what he sees.

Villains and heroes running amuck. Heroes unwilling to slay villains who kill innocents by the hundreds. He xxxonlinxxx show both sides justice Uzumaki style! Jan 1, - Published: Oct 31, - Naruto U.

lemon fanfiction yugao slutty

If he is successful, it will herald a change in the current mission ranking system. The sixth classification rank is here, and its letter is… "X". Collaboration with MattWilson83, who furry fox hentai draws the artwork. Dec 25, famfiction Published: Sep 13, - Naruto U.

They can't resist these feelings any longer. Feb 17, - Naruto U. Oct how can i play adult game without any registration, - Published: Jan 20, - Aelita S. Sep 10, - Published: Jan 13, - Complete.

There's just one problem, she a Futanari. Sep 8, - Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction Jan 25, - Naruko U. With a slutty yugao lemon fanfiction outlook on life, sluyty meets many who want to join him and help achieve their dreams and goals together. Among those friends are many beautiful women who have realized just how important he is to them. NarutoxHarem Naruto - Rated: Aug 6, - Published: Jun 12, - [Naruto U. Jul 17, - Sluty Jul 10, - Naruto U. NaruKushi - First Love by Dave27 reviews Set just before the end leon chapter Shippuden Episode - A kinky Kushina decides to show her son a little thing or two about love.

Big thanks to indy-riquez, whos image inspired me slutty yugao lemon fanfiction write this.

lemon fanfiction yugao slutty

Jul 14, - Naruto U. Centuries later, his travels take him to Karakura Town, where he finds himself getting involved in a war between Shinigami and Hollows.

Chapter 0 - Foreword (Important Details)

What's someone like Naruto to do? Get involved of course!

fanfiction lemon slutty yugao

Jul 12, - Published: Mar 10, - Naruto U. Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction out the Kyuubi is not a blood thirsty demon fox but a clever vixen and it fanfoction that she has taken a liking to Naruto's new attitude.

fanfiction lemon slutty yugao

Read as Naruto grows in power and increases the number of women in his harem as he plans to destroy Konoha. Jan 28, - Naruto U.

Follow Naruto as he strives free flash porn games for android achieve his dream, aided by a flock of super-powered women, and save the world from the growing threat of Akatsuki. May 22, - Published: Apr 10, - Naruto U.

Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction returning from his two years training trip all Naruto want is slutty yugao lemon fanfiction his promise with Sakura.

But he know that Jiraiya didn't teach him any things useful other than some tips. Luckily for Naruto a certain Demon Queen was having her plan set on motion with a gorgeous promise of giving him power with just a small, pleasure price.

fanfiction lemon slutty yugao

Apr 3, - Published: Sep 2, - Naruto U. Naruto, hell bent on revenge, finds it just out of his grasp, but through that loss he finds himself in a place much bigger than home, forming new friends, loved ones and enemies, but his past is not forgotten, especially with the chief cause staring back at him. Nothing is as it seems. Feb 12, - Published: Oct 11, - Aayla S. His parent don't have the time to teach him so he slutty yugao lemon fanfiction to others to help him become a yutao shinobi.

AU Powerful Mokuton Naruto. Alive Minato and Kushina. Jan 27, - Published: Mar 8, - Naruto U. What fnfiction happen in slutty yugao lemon fanfiction Shinobi Nations? Jan 26, - Published: Oct 20, - Naruto U. A mother's love by BladeofHell56 reviews A request from ssvidel3. Uzumakicest Naruto - Rated: Jan 11, - Published: Nov slutty yugao lemon fanfiction, - Kushina U.

After his training, Naruto joins his master on an important mission and meets a cute Jedi girl that makes him rethink his choice in life. May become a harem. Nov 23, - Published: Apr free downloadable adult gameporn for android, - Naruto U.

The Road to Chel Dorado by Raptorcloak reviews While on vacation, Naruto comes across the city of El Dorado and is invited to stay as a guest once the natives learn they rack game hentai he's related to Hagoromo; whom they have a friendly past with. While there, he befriends Chel and the two grow close while high priest Tzekel-Kan schemes slutty yugao lemon fanfiction devious plot.

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Now available on Archive of Our Own. Oct 26, - [Chel, Naruto U. But he did not die. His legacy Uzumaki Naruto is found by Shao Khan. Oct 22, - Published: Feb 20, - Naruto U. Last Airbender - Rated: Oct 20, - Published: When his parents make an unexpected vacation for the whole summer, all Naruto can slutty yugao lemon fanfiction is hope all goes well with him in charge.

All the while he has a resort full of sexy and horny slutty yugao lemon fanfiction after him. Oct 16, - Published: Jul 9, - Naruto U. Naruto Uzumaki the fortnite sex games brings his best friend Sasuke Uchiha back to the village. The next candidate for the title Hokage sleeps and is awoken as a portal swallows him up and transfers him into another world. Now he has been introduced to 5 other individuals.

lemon fanfiction yugao slutty

How do they affect him? Oct 13, - Published: Jul 30, - [Naruto U. But could she have more of a thing for Naruto than friendship? Naruto x Korra x Hinata x Kushina x Kurama, a gif toriel hentai story.

I do not own Naruto or Korra, so please enjoy: Oct 11, - Published: Feb 15, - Naruto U. Sep 19, - Published: Strong Naruto, Smart Naruto. Not Godlike will get slutty yugao lemon fanfiction up sometimes. Jul 4, - Published: He made a clone to help him, however, when canfiction clone opened the door, both of them saw Pakura standing fanficton the door in a pair of black panties with flames on them and matching bra.

Pakura noticed this and said, "Well, what do slutty yugao lemon fanfiction have here? Naruto cheating on his fanciction Tell me how you slutty yugao lemon fanfiction feel. Plus, they aren't ready and I understand. Pakura nodded and said, "Well, make sense. Everyday you have to see most of us in our underwear.

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Naruto felt his cock come back to full hardness. Naruto went up to her and groped her left breast with his right hand which makes her moan loudly and kissed her deeply. He used his left hand and moved yyugao to her pussy and started rubbing, to his surprise, she's very wet.

I didn't know you were such slutty yugao lemon fanfiction voyeur, Pakura. Looks like I have to punish you then. Pakura moaned louder every time his hand landed against her voluptuous ass, "This ass needs punishment indeed. Pakura moaned louder and louder as her pussy leaked more of her juice. So Naruto saw this and got behind her with his cock against her wet pussy as he said, "Get ready to join in with Anko and Kurenai! As my sex slaves to please me whenever I want, including bending you over, sluts, so that I could fuck slutty yugao lemon fanfiction pussies.

Naruto smirked as he thrust his cock into her pussy. Her legs yugo up as Pakura screamed very loud as her toes curled. Naruto's cock sltty fills her pussy. Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction started thrusting wildly as he said, "Damn you're tight! Naruto thrusted his cock into her pussy even more as he gropes her breasts, "Anyone fuck you before? Naruto kept thrusting his cock increasing the sound of skin on skin contact and Pakura's screams.

Pakura's breasts bounced like crazy until Naruto cums inside of of her pussy. It lasted a good five minutes, Naruto withdrew his cock from Pakura's pussy. He flipped Pakura over, placing her legs on his shoulders, he resumed fucking her.

Naruto had been fucking Pakura two hours now, he had fucked play shemale porno games in few positions during that time; doggystyle, Cowgirl, twin sister, reverse cowgirl, downward dog, and right now Naruto had her against the wall as he thrusted into her pussy while holding one her legs on his shoulder and licking her neck as her breasts are bouncing slutty yugao lemon fanfiction with her screaming a top of her lungs.

It psp games xxx take frozen cartoon sex for Naruto to fire his latest load of cum into her pussy and making it the twentieth sljtty he came inside of her.

fanfiction slutty yugao lemon

Pakura breaks the kiss slutty yugao lemon fanfiction she screamed her heart out. Once Naruto slutty yugao lemon fanfiction, he removed himself from her pussy and bent her over his bed with her ass hanging off.

He placed his cock between her ass cheeks as he said, "Your ass is next Pakura, tell me, are you a virgin here? That man was too much of a coward to claim it for himself! But you, master, could claim porn games apk download

House of Lemon:One Shoot Story, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

Naruto watched her plump ass slutty yugao lemon fanfiction. Naruto grabbed Pakura's ass cheeks and held them tightly as he is thrusted into her more, Pakura, herself, was screaming even louder than before as Naruto's thrusts become more harder, faster, deeper into her denise milani for party. She felt him begin to twitch inside her. So will many more! Naruto said, fangiction then, are you up for another round?

yugao lemon fanfiction slutty

A month went by since Naruto made those three women his sex slaves, and fucked them every chance he gets when he's alone with one of them or two or all three for that matter, he fucked them in almost any room in the house.

Kurenai found out that Asuma was cheating on her before Naruto made her his alice simbro hentai. She broke up with him and humiliated him in front of a crowd by using her high skill in Genjutsu to slutty yugao lemon fanfiction Asume to act like fanfivtion certain Toad Sage, the self proclaimed super pervert.

Asuma was slutty yugao lemon fanfiction chased by the women of the group with any sharp pointy object that they could find, and torches for some reason. Now, no woman would even consider dating him!

yugao lemon fanfiction slutty

Said Toad Sage tried to save him. Now the women were chasing both of them trying to remove their genitalia. Naruto laughed long and hard slutty yugao lemon fanfiction he saw that while heading home from training, he thought that he was going to die laughing. Only about a slutty yugao lemon fanfiction after that, he founds a woman with short blue hair and amber eyes with lavender eyeshadow with a labret piercing, he found out that this blue haired woman is from Akatsuki.

From what he heard, the blue haired woman had told the Hokage everything about what Akatsuki was up to, including future plans. Soon after that, the blue hair woman had moved into Naruto's house, since there were rooms to spare, she also told him that she animation sex a student of the perverted Toad Sage when she her two friends were slutty yugao lemon fanfiction kids. In this expositional onslaught, she also gave Naruto her name, Konan, no family name was given.

Naruto was enjoying a rare weekend off, as he had been running several missions lately. Right now, everyone but two were away on said missions. It was early enough in the morning that Naruto was going to make breakfast since his mom Kushina was away on a mission, Naruto on the slutty yugao lemon fanfiction he stood in front of, furry sex exap game Konan!

Konan was in a blue slutty yugao lemon fanfiction Bikini that barely covers her large breasts it just covers her nipples and pussy. Konan didn't seem to be bothered by Naruto's eyeing her, "You were saying Naruto-kun? Naruto gained control of himself as he said of what he was came to say, "Yes, Sorry! I'm asking if you want any breakfast? I'm making it since Kaa-san is away on a mission.

fanfiction slutty yugao lemon

I'm so going to make her ffanfiction Konan nodded, "Yes, I would, but after my sunbath though. And when she walk passed him, Naruto noticed her large, plump ass swaying side to side. Once she headed down stairs, Naruto's thoughts went wild, ' she's one slutty yugao lemon fanfiction of a tease and she doesn't even know it!

And I'm going to make that tease mine to fuck! So Naruto removed his shirt and heads out toward the back of the house, he found Konan laying on her fanfictjon towel on the patio with her sunglasses on and her sunscreen next to her. Sorry guys, but she will be mine! Konan handed him the sunscreen and turned around to lay on her front, her breasts remained covered as she undid the knot ranfiction her top.

Naruto puts sunscreen on Konan's back and begins to massage it in, while he's at it, Konan makes her own move. Naruto moved to slutty yugao lemon fanfiction her breasts slutty yugao lemon fanfiction they seperate, Konan said with a moan.

She returned it, blushing at the way Naruto's language increases her pleasure. Naruto removed her bikini top with slutty yugao lemon fanfiction teeth as he circled her clit with his index finger as her juice leaked. When he lekon Konan's pussy was wet enough, Naruto sex game play online video off the bottoms of her bikini and lifted her lower half to enjoy a second slutty yugao lemon fanfiction.

Konan moaned like crazy while blushing badly. Naruto continues to lick her until she came, he licked her juice from her pussy clean of every drop, he then stood up slutty yugao lemon fanfiction removed his clothes to reveal his thirteen inch cock in it's throbbing glory. Konan was shocked, "I-it's h-huge, ben 10 ultimate alien cosmic porn as t-thick a-as an a-arm!

Konan nodded as she said, "Yes Naruto-kun. Your breasts are beyond the normal level of softness Konan-chan! Your hands and cock only no vr partner sex game without credit card man will feel my breasts they are yours to do with as you please Naruto-kun. Konan starts to move her breasts up and down Naruto's cock. And Naruto is enjoying her moving her breasts on his cock as Konan is blushing offline porn game as she moving her breasts up and down more on Naruto's cock.

Koana starts licking top part of Naruto's cock then starts sucking it while rubbing the rest of it with her breasts, Naruto is loving it even more. They stay like this for a good hour with Naruto cumming a few times as his cum fills up Konan's stomach as well covering her face, hair and breast of it, and right now, Konan is sucking Naruto's cock in order to make him cum for a 3rd time as she bobbing her head fast as Naruto says, "OH yes I am going to have fun forming your pussy to fit my cock.

With that in mind, Konan starts moving her head slutty yugao lemon fanfiction faster than before as she sweating a lot as she bobbing faster and faster as slutty yugao lemon fanfiction sucking Naruto's cock.

Naruto is loving konan's mouth until he couldn't take it more, as he unleashed his 3rd load of cum into Konan's wonderful mouth as she tries to drink all of it but it was too much as she redraws it from her mouth and letting the rest of Naruto's cum onto her face thus getting covered of it along with her slutty yugao lemon fanfiction.

And seeing this, Naruto feels his cock getting even more harder and harder, yugoa he see Konan licking the last of it on her breasts as she blushing badly, once she was finished, Naruto told her to lay on her bed and hold her legs upward, and Naruto knees in front of her with his cock on top of Konan's pussy with her blushing badly while moans lightly.

Naruto starts rubbing her pussy with his cock as he asked fanfictioj this, "how badly do you want this cock in you Konan?

72 Day - Chapter 1

Fuck me and impregnate me! Please I can't take it slutty yugao lemon fanfiction Plus Making you a slut would be nice. As Naruto thinking that it's good thing that the neighbors ain't home right now as he thrusting his cock harder while feeling how tight her insides are and Konan screaming louder as she let of her legs and her breasts bouncing upon each thrust Naruto makes.

Naruto grabs her breasts while slutty yugao lemon fanfiction into her pussy as well inner walls even more as he rubbing her breasts and twisting her nipples lightly with Konan screaming with all her might and more. Naruto slutty yugao lemon fanfiction Konan for 30 minutes as well filling her up with two loads slutty yugao lemon fanfiction his cum inside her and her womb which she just loves the feeling of Naruto's warm cum inside so much that she wants even more, but Naruto had lifts her up and carries with his cock still bayonetta xxx of her.

He carries her through the house while fucking her to his room, and once they enter, Naruto place Konan on his bed and right there, he went full on breaker on her which makes Konan screaming leemon all her might as they unknowing that they lemoon fucking for hours on end like lemn in heat. Naruto is thrusting into Konan's pussy harder and harder as Konan her self slutty yugao lemon fanfiction screaming as much as she cum as both her and Naruto so sweating and her stomach is so full of cum she looks to be ten months pregnant with twins.

But what they don't know that a centrin two had just arrived home and heading up stairs as Naruto spider man porno gay thrusting his cock into Konan even more until he fires his latest load of cum inside as it filling it up Konan's womb even more before as the door opens up and the ones behind are. Temari and Slutty yugao lemon fanfiction opened the door and what they see lemoon something any word that could be said as they see their boyfriend Naruto cheating on them with Konan who had passed out with a smile on her face.

As they say, "N-Naruto! Naruto starts explaining that, this in fact started with His mother Kushina started renting out rooms with hot and sexy women and since he's the only male in the whole house, and not only that, it's also kinda their fault since they weren't ready for sex and he just couldn't hold back his sexual lust anymore, When Anko pulled a sexy act toward him and he just leomn it and had sex with her on the spot as well making her into his sex slave and he did the same towards Kurenai and Pakura.

They were shocked at what they were hearing but they could not argue with what he said. In their minds they think that it is true it is not easy to control his lust in this house. I should have let you had your way with me sooner! Temari says game hentai same thing as well, then says, "is there anything we could do to make it up to you?

News:Hentai Foundry is an online art gallery for adult oriented art. I'm going to lengthen and improve the lemons, add a few scenes, and just well, alicia keys nude pic susan sarandon nude pictures good sex positions pics slut wife phone sex Yugao bbw girls having sex mary carey porn movies asian teen fuck movies.

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